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When I got here this morning and passed the phone room, which is next door to the mailroom, I noticed there was a high-pitched beeping noise happening. It's been going on for an hour now, and I can hear it through the wall, and it's ANNOYING.

But nothing can kill my mood too badly, because since I started this diet, I've already lost three pounds. That's one pound a day! Not bad, eh? Cory had to stay up late last night so he had a can of Coke. Which means I'll be hitting supermodel status before he does. :P

I like being up this early. I love walking by windows and seeing that it's still dark. I'm so excited for fall and winter I can hardly stand it. The weather right now doesn't fool me - it's got rain written all over it, but it's just a front (HA, no pun intended) and it's supposed to be nice and sunny by the weekend. Boo. I want monsoons! I want SNOW!

Beep... beep... beep... beep...

It's going to be a long day, I think. I don't get lunch for four more hours. Shouldn't be THAT bad, though, 'cause I had a good breakfast. Well, the eggs were good. I left the turkey bacon in the broiler for too long and they were very... crumbly. I couldn't even eat all of mine.

Off to "work."