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Thus commences complaining:
My house really needs cleaning. So did the rabbit's house. It's stinking hot, and it's supposed to be autumn. I wish I had more storage space. I wish I had a real bed. I wish this "table" was a real table instead of an under-bed box on top of a big Tupperware box. (I suppose I can buy a real table sometime and put a real chair at it instead of a footstool, and put all these cords and the boxes underneath it... but I don't have money!) I wish I wasn't overdrawn AGAIN. I wish today was a weekday so I could deposit my check. I'm hungry but too lazy to make anything. I need to go get bread from Freddy's but I don't want to walk. My posterior is upon a hard footstool and it hurts. My feet are falling asleep. I have not the willpower required to go out and get anything.
Thus ends my complaining.

Grandma gave me thirty dollars to "tide me over until my check comes in" - that was nice. I am glad to be back at home - it's hard to be around Grandpa a lot.
I had a dream about Mike last night. I dreamed that I called him and before I told him who I was, he thought I was someone else and started talking and talking and talking about what was going on in his life, and then I told him who I was, and he said "...oh..." and stopped talking. Sadness.

I need to file my nails. And I need to change my shirt. And I need to get the rabbit to stop living underneath the rocking chair.