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I have been corrupted by a tea-drinker.

I am having my second mug of tea in less than 24 hours. Before that, I can't remember when I'd had tea. I like it... I had a whole box that I had bought because I knew I liked it... but now I'm addicted. I feel lots of tea and lots of bathroom breaks coming in the next few days.

I realized this when I found myself staring at the hot water I was pouring over my teabag. I was watching the rich darkness cloud and corrupt the water like blood from a shark attack victim corrupts the seawater - peacefully.

I think I know what the water feels like as its being overtaken by color and flavor - like sliding into a hot bath feels to sore muscles. Like the advanced stages of hypothermia to a lost mountainclimber. Like smooth smoke in a smoker's lungs. Like being enveloped and surrounded by strong, warm, comfortable arms. Like a featherbed.

This water and I have been corrupted, and all we can do is let soft, curling tendrils of steam escape from our lips. Because we like it.