Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I must say, last weekend was very relaxing. I caught the Amtrak shuttle at 6pm, which didn't really leave until just after 6:30, and we still made it to Albany before the 5:40 train, which made me sad, but I'll probably take the shuttle from now on. On Saturday, we got up early and visited Corvallis' Farmer's Market as well as OSU's Rennaissance Faire and the Pet Fair. This weekend was Mom's weekend, so there were lots of annoying Greeks going around with their mommies. It was so nice outside that I had to go to Gottschalks and buy a tank top from the women's section so it was too big even though it was a small. We saw Spiderman in the evening along with a million other people, and liked most of it, except for the script, which could get pretty cheesy (read: "Those evil yellow eyes!!!") On Sunday, we played Realmz! Yay! And we didn't do much else since it was pretty icky outside, until the evening.

Cory's arms were made to fit around me. Just thought I'd let y'all know.

I just took a bite out of my bagel, and now it looks like pacman, with the hole in the middle for the eye.
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