Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I wonder if people use glasses as a crutch, or if it's just that now I have something to compare my naked eyes to. I've found that it's really hard for me to see even across the shipping dock without my glasses, and it makes me sad that I have to lean on them like that.

I need to find someplace to wear my corset. I spent fifty bucks on it and haven't worn it yet. I should find another skirt to go with it too so it doesn't have to look so formal.

My tax return came back yesterday, and now I have almost 1300 in my account! I don't think my rent check has cleared yet, though. But I'm getting paid on Friday! So now I've got plenty for California! Yay! Now the test is not going to buy any clothes just because I have enough money to do it. (But I still want that cute green top at 3 Monkeys!)

I should call Daya and see how her recently-operated-on foot is doing.
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