Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

NW 23rd

I'd forgotten how much 23rd makes me feel dowdy. All those shop windows with outrageously priced clothes... wispy, see-through clothes that look best on women with absolutely no body fat. I walked around thinking about my wardrobe and how much I wanted to get rid of everything I have and become the most well-dressed woman in NW Portland.

My mood lifted a little when I found Mom's Mother's Day present. I want to be registered at that store. All sorts of pretty dishes, and all in bright bright colors. There was this bright red glazed pot on a shelf with all sorts of other bright red dishes, but the other dishes were boring for some reason. The pot told me to buy it for Mom, so I did. I wasn't in the store more than two minutes. It was nice, especially after perusing several other expensive stores and making mental notes on which ones across the street I should look into. But the pot didn't make me completely happy - I was still jealous of the mannequins.

There was a sandwich board on the corner of 23rd and Johnson advertising the Japanese restaurant a few doors down Johnson. I'd never been there, but I turned the corner and headed up there like I had been planning it all along. I love the place. It's fantastic. It's just a teeny little restaurant on the ground floor of an old house, and when I opened the door and went in, everything smelled like seaweed and fresh fish. I couldn't get two steps in before I was greeted and offered a barstool so I could watch the men making sushi. I wasn't feeling adventurous, though, and the sushi was expensive (which I expected, since it was a sushi bar and not Freddy's), so I had yakisoba. It came with miso soup and some salad with a sweetish sourish dressing. I need to go back and have bento there. And sushi someday; maybe on a payday or something. Anyway, the restaurant completely lifted my spirits and now I'm comfortable and full, trying to decide what else to put in this huge bag to take to California. I dumped a bunch of stuff in, but now I'm realizing I want skirts and stuff too. I need to go through it some more.

Tomorrow: work, then straight to the shuttle, then to Corvallis. And then to Redmond, where we'll fly in my uncle's powered parachute, and then to California!!!
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