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Eek! Fairy Num-Nums!

I'm back at work. Going kinda slowly today for no apparent reason. Maybe it's because I was in the fast lane all last week. I need to use vacation time to catch up on my sleep, not lose it. Oh well.

Lots of journaling on the list of things to do tonight, as well as classified-ad-looking and calling of doctors and friends and boyfriend, who did so well at Bay to Breakers but still walks like an old man... all stiff... poor thing.

Now I shall pee, and do some more labelling of these envelopes, and eat lunch, and stuff said envelopes so they can go out tomorrow or so. We'll see how far I get. I have 150 envelopes to stuff with press releases and several catalogs each. It's nice to keep busy, though.

I wish I had my very own DESK. Sigh.