Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I started going through boxes last night in an effort to get rid of unnecessary clutter. I threw away many bags of trash and have several more ready for Goodwill, but my room looks messier than it did before I started cleaning. It feels good, though. I found Mike's old letters to me and I left them out for Cory to read. I think he'll get a kick out of them.

I had weird dreams last night. They included MAX/Amtrak trains coming to the station every thirty seconds and almost hitting people, and having a big box with handfuls of coins and pushpins and paperclips (probably from when I cleaned out my Thing Drawer earlier that evening) and giving it to a bum on a park bench and telling him to be careful not to hurt himself on the pins, but remembering that I needed to do laundry so I was trying to sneak the quarters out of the box without him seeing me... there was other stuff in there but I'm forgetting...

This morning, the 20 bus barely stopped at the transit center. I'm used to it stopping and opening the doors, but she just stopped for a second, and I got up and went to the back door, and she started going again. I had to make her stop a few yards down the road. So I had to book it to the 89 bus, and she started leaving before I got there so I had to wave her down. She was weird... on Salzman Rd, she played peekaboo with some kid in a van next to us at the red light.

Today had better go by quickly. Because if it doesn't, I'll cry.
Tags: dreams
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