Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Last year sometime, I went to and recorded the top ten cities I "should" enjoy living in. Here's what I had last year:

1. Cincinnati, Ohio ("The Queen City")
2. Seattle, Washington ("The Emerald City" - Pictionary was developed by a waiter here in 1986...)
3. Omaha, Nebraska ("Great Plains Dynamo")
4. St Louis, Missouri ("Wonder of the Modern World")
5. Indianapolis, Indiana ("The Crossroads of America")
6. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota ("Wealth of the Twin Cities") (See that? it's way above Portland! GRR!!!)
7. Bremerton, Washington ("Port to the Puget Sound")
8. Cleveland, Ohio ("The New American City")
9. Carlisle, Pennsylvania ("The Waterfront Capital")
10. Tacoma, Washington ("Port City of the Cascades")

Here's this year's list:

1. Seattle, Washington
2. Carlisle, Pennsylvania
3. Long Island, New York
4. Norfolk, Virginia
5. Charlotte, North Carolina
6. Richmond, Virginia
7. Chesapeake/Virginia Beach, Virginia
8. Rochester, New York
9. Bremerton, Washington
10. Cincinnati, Ohio
Anchorage, AK was #24. Portland's STILL not on my list. Maybe that means something.
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