Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Just another reason that I need my own cubicle

I have to share this stupid computer/break room with everybody at the front desk as well as the occasional Credit/Customer Service person. Sometimes I can't get in here to do work. The only way people can contact me short of paging me is to email me, so I need ready access to email. (If people leave messages in the mailroom, I don't always get them, due to the stupid drama going on with Nan.)

I spent several hours in here on Friday doing a project. I had to leave several times, and I left myself logged in and the box/papers/etc. that I was using on the desk, because I wasn't staying away for long. This morning, there was a note on the monitor saying "Please, keep this room tidy, for every one who uses it. And remember to log OFF when you leave. Thanx!!!" It's Julie's handwriting. She always bitches about me one way or another in here. I want my own desk to mess up as I see fit, and my own computer to stay logged-in at. And my own phone to get voice messages. Jeez.
Tags: columbia
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