Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

A year after I became single, my *new* boyfriend and I turned in our applications and $100 to reserve ourselves a 3rd-floor, 1-bedroom apartment across the street from Columbia Sportswear. With a fireplace! :) We should be hearing back from them sometime today. There's still a lot of variables, but I'm still excited.

My cousin got married on Saturday. Cory and I danced to two dances. One was accidentally. He sang along to the 80s music that was playing and made me laugh until my belly hurt. Having to find a gift for the new husband and wife made me remember why I need to crochet and cross-stitch more. All I had to do was grab the purple and brownish/grey afghan from the arm of the chair, stick a ribbon on it, and go. :)

This is the week of truth.
Tags: cory, moving
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