Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,


Yesterday evening went by much more quickly than I had anticipated. Some guy asked me out on the bus on the way home. (I really enjoyed answering his "what are you doing Friday night" question with "well, my BOYFRIEND's coming over...") Then I found a big note on my door from my landlord saying that I didn't pay rent for June and he wanted to charge me a $50 late fee. I looked in my checkbook and on and found that I had in fact paid him and he cashed it on the 4th. So I called him and told him, but not before my friend Tiffany called and reminded me that we were supposed to go out to dinner. So I called the landlord while I was waiting for Tiff to come over and got it all straightened out, and then went to Beau Thai for dinner and Trader Joe's for some soy ice cream and some mochi. I also got the CD for "Thoroughly Modern Millie" from Music Millenium. That song "Forget about the Boy" has been in my head since the Tony Awards, and I really like Sutton Foster's voice. It's an interesting story, but I'm not sure how much I'll listen to the CD. We'll see. Very '20s, big-band/jazzy music.

Today is... SHIPPING! Again. Today there aren't going to be any problems. (Hah)
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