Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I had a really odd dream last night. Well, it was a bunch of weird dreams, I guess, as usual. I remember being at a music lesson of some kind, waiting for the bus to come, and had to pee so I missed it. I remember being scared of a homeless guy. I remember hitching a ride on this inflated boat thing and hooking my big bag to it and we all jumped over wake and stuff, and somewhere in the process my bag got lost in the river thing we were on. I remember something bad happened, and then I was trapped in this long dimly-lit room with shelves full of games and a couch, and Dorota and Felix were there, and I held him to make him fall asleep. I'd set him down and he'd wake up a minute later and sit up, and I'd go grab him and hold him and he'd cry because he wanted to be awake, but me holding him would make him fall asleep. I remember arguing with Dorota about something or other, which was very important when I was sleeping but not anymore, and then I went home for dinner and sat down in the dining room and the computer in the corner was online, and Dorota messaged me and said something like "I know we don't agree on this subject, but I'm employing you to put Felix to sleep so you need to stop arguing with me." When my alarm rang, I was running to the computer to assure her that I was just debating and wasn't trying to be rude or something.

I like having lots of time in the mornings. Ahh...
Tags: dreams

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