Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Today was nice. I liked today.

I got off work at 4. I ran outside to catch the bus.
I got off MAX at 82nd Ave. at 5:20. Phew.
I took another bus and got off at Foster, right in front of the rotating diamond on the jewelry store. I went into the doors beneath the huge head of Tom Peterson.

I bought a bed. It took me five minutes. I asked for their best deal, got it, and was driven home by the delivery guy, who talked to his wife on the phone and told her he loved her three times. It's nice that he was secure enough to tell her that in front of some strange girl he was driving home.

I set up my bed. I talked to a very stressed boyfriend. I miss him. I want him to try out my new bed with me. I almost thought about sleeping on the floor tonight so he could try out the bed at the same time as me, but then I realized that this morning was uncomfortable so I couldn't do it again.

I started making applesauce after cleaning my room up. It looks really nice with the bed in here, but it makes it a bit smaller. But now people have a place to sit, which is nice.

Trisha (who I haven't seen since her wedding over a year ago) and Kevin (who I hadn't seen since high school) came and visited tonight! Trisha is visiting from Reno... she and her husband are moving back over to Portland, and I'm so excited about it.

Two bad things: The applesauce I'm making is taking forever to cook... it's been two hours and it isn't done yet... and while putting on my shirt a few minutes ago I jabbed my lip and my chin with my thumbnail. Ow. Now they're all fat. Haha

I love you, Cory.
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