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I'm tired of being sick.

This morning, I woke up at almost exactly 4:30. I blew my nose twice. I felt all sick and icky, like I'd been wiping my nose all night as I slept. Then I couldn't get back to sleep. I heard the paper deliverer person throw two papers on the porch and drive to the next house. I fell asleep wondering what the paper-delivering routes look like. I'm glad I didn't wake up an hour later, because then I wouldn't have bothered going back to sleep. This is the third night in a row (or fourth, something like that) since I've started waking up periodically throughout the night. I want to be unsick. (Granted, it's just a stuffy nose, it could be worse...)

I finished the sixth motif in my afghan this morning on the bus. I have 9 more to do. Then I can put it together. I'm hoping to finish it by the time we move, so I can put it in our new house. (I'm so excited!!!)

23 days until I move!