Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Warning: mush ahead!

An hour alone in shipping makes for some interesting ways to keep busy. Today I went back in Cory's journal again and read some of the stuff that led up to us getting together, and read some of the stuff a few months afterwards. It really hasn't been that long since we started dating. Just 8 months and 1 day now. I rediscovered a friends-only post from December that proved what he's been reminding me of all the times we've talked about marriage: that he's wanted to marry me almost before I knew I wanted to marry him. We'd been together for two months at the time of that entry, and I know he'd thought about it long before he wrote it. I can't remember when I first knew, but it was pretty quickly, too. So now when I have a spare minute here and there, I think about what it will be like for a ring to have felt comfortable on my left hand for what seems like ever. What it'll be like when I first tell him I'm pregnant. What it'll feel like the first day all of our children are out of the house.

I think it'll feel good.
Tags: cory
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