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I bought a new wallet at Mervy's. (Yes, Mervy's.)

I went to Home Depot with Grandma and got screens for
two downstairs windows. (No more craneflies in my room
at night, yay!

I drove with Grandma by the house in Redwood City that
my other Grandma lived in before she moved up to
Oregon many years ago. I remember the house pretty
well, but declined to ask the new residents if I could go
inside because I knew it'd be different and therefore mess
up my memories.

I tried to call Mike but he didn't answer. I emailed him last
night and he didn't answer that either. He did call me
earlier today so me calling him was a return phone call.
So he's not TOTALLY ignoring me...

I had pork chops and applesauce for dinner.

I drove around and saw lots of things I remembered from
past visits, many years ago.

I like California. Everything is so different here than in
Minnesota. It'll probably be that way in Oregon too. I
think I mentioned that in one of my earlier entries. So I
won't do it again. But it's still so pretty here! It's so
WEIRD to see palm trees and orange trees with fruit all
over them, and lemon trees, and loquat trees, and stuff...
so weird. So weird.
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