Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Bad boys bad boys... whatcha gonna do...

Cory and I developed our weekend pictures yesterday. Next week or the week after, they'll be scanned in and ready for people to see. On our way to Fred's to turn in the cameras, we saw some people by the UBank ATMs standing around a guy sitting on someone. Right after that, the police came and handcuffed the person being sat on. Ooh, drama!

I forgot to say something more about the weekend we had, but I can't remember what it is now.

So tonight I'll do some more packing, I think. I'm thinking about packing all my dishes except for one set, just in case. I have all those hot dogs that we took to eat when we were camping, so I should just eat those for dinner for the next few days. I also have about five cans of chili. It's nice to have food at home so I can be lazy and not go out to dinner. Cory's going to end up being the grocery shopper, I think. You should see him compare prices. It makes me lightheaded. :)
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