Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

DSL Woes

So yesterday I sang the praises of the convenience of Verizon's online option in setting up DSL at my new apartment (1 more day!) They ran a quick check and told me that they could hook up DSL to my phone line, and had me give them my credit card information, etc. (By the way, I chose Verizon's DSL because I'm getting a Verizon phone line and I figured it'd be easier this way.) So after I enter in all my information and have a good night's sleep, I get this email:

Thank you for your request for Verizon Online DSL service. We’re sorry, but after completing a thorough test of your phone line we found that we were unable to provide this service at your location. However, the availability of DSL service is increasing all the time and we may be able to provide you service at some point in the future.

So why perform a "check" on my phone number and say it's fine?! I'm wondering if maybe it's because the phone isn't set up yet. That happens tomorrow. I'll call them and see.
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