Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

It kinda looks like I'm trying to catch up with my posting since I hadn't written since last Thursday. What's really happening is that I've had one project today so far. I had to stuff 150 blank applications with a registration form, and make 50 copies of a 4-page packet for HR. I had to wait an hour this morning to figure out what to do, and then I took my time doing the project because I knew there wouldn't be much more, and now I'm sitting here again after having taken a long lunch. Sometimes I like having nothing to do, but other times (like now) it's really annoying. I'm waiting for a lady in promotions to check to see if she has catalogs so I can start making catalog packets. It shouldn't take ten minutes to do it. Oh well. Lisa hasn't come looking for me yet, so it's all good - I think.

I have two mosquito bites on my left shoulder. I hope the maintenance guys put a screen on our bedroom window soon. I can't sleep with it shut and I get eaten if it's open.

I think Lisa just walked by. Maybe she's looking for me. I'm hiding in here. Ha
Tags: columbia
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