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I'm all bruised and swollen and uncomfortable today. My feet still hurt from those stupid shoes. And last night, Cory and I were chasing Remmy around the house and she ran smack into my knee with her head. I heard her teeth clank together when she did it. I couldn't lay on my belly last night because my knee hurt when it touched the bed, and this morning it's all swollen. There's no bruise yet, though. What a mess I am today.

Plus, it looks as though I'll have nothing to do yet again today. When I called Mom the other day, she said "just ask if you can sweep or something!" it was funny.

I'm getting a kitten! Well, WE're getting a kitten. A lady from the distribution center has a cat who just had kittens, and I've got the dark grey one reserved (I think). They're only 3 days old, though, so it'll be awhile before I get it. I'm excited!!!

Tonight's the housewarming party. I hope Cory has time to straighten up before I get home. Jesse, are you coming?