Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Well, here I am, day 4 of being single... the days are going by really slowly. Mike's mom has called me twice in the past two days asking me if I want to do anything. The first time she left a message and by the time I called her back to tell her I was at work, she couldn't go to the science museum anyway. And I guess she and Paul are going downtown today or something. But I might be watching movies with a coworker of mine. So I turned her down. I don't think I want to see them right now.

In other post-breakup news, I emailed Mike today. We wrote back and forth a couple of times. He's not ready to talk yet. I don't think I really am either. I don't want to undermine our getting-over-the-relationship efforts. I think we did the right thing, no matter how hard it is and no matter how much I want him back. Me wanting him back is unreasonable anyway, because I have the list of "bad Mike stuff" to prove how much better off I am without him.
Tags: breakup, mike
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