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Had a really nice weekend, despite (or maybe because of?) the fact that we still don't have internet. If our DSL package doesn't come in the mail today, we'll be upset. It should have been here a long time ago.

Friday I got off a teensy bit early (a.k.a. I snuck out) and went home to make sure everything was straightened up. Cory did a good job cleaning, which wasn't surprising. :) Nicoal and Josh showed up first and left last. Much beer was drunk (though not by me) and I was surprised that everyone got along as well as they did, since nobody really knew each other. It was nice. I mentioned the kitten we were planning on getting in a month, and Erin said "oh, my grandparents have a kitten who's ready to go right now. I'm going down there tomorrow. Want her?" so we made arrangements to be home Saturday evening for a new kitty!

On Saturday, I made pancakes for Nicoal and Josh, who got to sleep in the living room (our first slumber party!) and we watched a scary show on TBN and some cartoons. I like the way Little Bill giggles. I should have made dutch babies. Next time we have guests for breakfast, I'll make 'em. Then we ran errands, including a trip to Petco to get kitty stuff and a trip to Barnes & Noble to read up on how to introduce kittens to dogs. (Turns out we had nothing to worry about. The kitten batted Remmy a few times, but it wasn't bad.) We also went to Office Depot, where Cory got a copy of Star Craft, and when we got it home he realized that someone had stolen the CD and book out of the box, so we had to go back to get another one. We felt bad that someone stole from Office Depot. Haha

On Sunday, we went to Washington Square to get vacuum bags and to look at engagement rings. I found one that's really pretty. We had a lesson on what to look for in the cut and clarity and all that fun stuff, and we got to see the diamonds we picked out under the microscope. Inclusions are fun! The guy teaching us about it was kinda weird, though. "Do you have a birthmark?" "Yes." "Does that make you any different than anyone else?" "Yes." "No it doesn't! Birthmakes make you different, but it doesn't mean you're flawed!" Huh? So anyway, now it's the waiting game. It may not be for a few months, so I'm not holding my breath or anything. But I AM excited. :)

Kitten's very cute. We named her Trout. Now we think she's a boy, though, so we've gotta ask when we take her in for shots. Luckily, we chose a semi-neutral-gender name, but she's still a she until we find out otherwise. Last night, we were trying to go to bed but we couldn't find her, and she was laying in the middle of Remmy's huge dog bed. It was cute. She lost her cuteness a few minutes later when she settled down on my belly... and pooped. Luckily, she was on the blanket. Regardless, she's staying in the bathroom at night until we feel like she's going to use her litterbox every time rather than just when it's convenient.

This week, Donnita's gone, so I'll have mailroom stuff to do in the afternoons. Mornings are still up in the air. I'm tired of having to find things to do. It bugs me.
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