Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I couldn't eat my entire Dairy Queen Blizzard last night, but boy was it nice to go outside where it was cool! Today we're going to see if having the windows and blinds shut makes a difference in the temperature of the apartment. I'm lucky to be here, in the air conditioning. It's not going to be quite as hot today (they say) - 2 degrees cooler, apparently. I'm so tired of sweating until my hair's soaked. Ugh.

Today Cory was supposed to go to work, but DSL STILL isn't working. I'm rather annoyed - Verizon's plan is to send us the modem and have us set it up ourselves. That was easy. It's doing everything it's supposed to do except going online. Cory called a few times already, and they "upgraded it to engineering" twice already. They should be calling this evening, I think. They'd better not be charging us for this. I know it's not user error because Cory knows what he's doing...

I couldn't sleep last night. I had accidentally taken an hour-long nap on the couch and then when Cory fell asleep right after we got in bed, I couldn't lay there any longer. So I got up and watched TV for a little bit. Apparently some 16-year-old girl faked her abduction and hung out with her friends in Seattle. It cost like $15,000 to fly in a special dog and search a park in Lake Oswego for her. She left her dogs in her jeep and left her keys and broken necklace nearby. I hope she understands that that was stupid.
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