Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Weekends aren't supposed to be tiring.

Yesterday, we went to Lincoln City the completely wrong way. We took 26 over and realized that it was a LOT further south than we thought. So we didn't spend hardly any time at the beach, and we ate at McMenamins - very anticlimactic. Then we watered the plants at Cory's friend Mike's house. I tried to get the koi in his backyard to suck on my fingers but they wouldn't. :(

Cory hugged me a lot during the night. Just about every time I woke up, he was cuddling me. I think he felt bad that he snapped at me earlier that day.

Today, we went downtown so I could get a new purse. My Buddha purse had a hole in it from pens poking into the thin fabric. I looked at several import-ish stores and didn't find anything, and then I finally found a Levi's corduroy one (red!) at Urban Outfitters. I love that place. Every time I go in I find all these things I want, and then I'm always disappointed because they're all so expensive. Anyway, then we went downtown to get some of this bubble tea that I've been hearing so much about. Dorota told me to get green tea honeydew, which I did. It was pretty good. The "bubbles" were pretty bland, though... what makes them that color, anyway? You should have seen Cory's face when he bit into one. He had to spit it out. It was the cutest grimace.

Then we went to Safeway twice - once to buy groceries and once to take back a roll of paper towels that somehow appeared in our bag that we didn't want and didn't pay for. Then to Fred Meyer, where we turned in film (Jenny, look for some house pictures in the next week!), and now we're here, finally relaxing. And now I'm going to go get some pop. Mmm.
Tags: engagement
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