Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Yesterday we took the dog out to the holly farm for her exercise and we picked blackberries. Back in the corner, it was really pretty with all the blackberries mingled with the daisies and tall grass. That's how I want the wedding to look. I want all my bridesmaids to go out the day before my wedding and pick blackberries so I can serve them at the reception.

Today we probably won't go anywhere. The car's acting up and Cory wants a weekend at home. I was going to start crocheting a skirt, but the site I was going to get it from had a note on the main page saying they were looking for a new server because porn links were put up all over. It'd been written at the beginning of June, so I'm assuming I won't be getting that pattern anytime soon. Maybe I'll start crocheting stockings instead. We'll need stockings, come Christmastime.
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