Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

We got our pictures developed. I should scan some in. And the ones that have already been scanned ought to get put onto Cory's website. Maybe I'll learn how to do it tonight and then everybody can see what we were up to last May. :)

At the store, we bought all sorts of food. We bought me a chair (yay!) so I don't have to sit on that stool anymore. What a difference. We thought about looking at rings but there really isn't anything else to look at. I already know what I want. (Now someone needs to spy and figure out when I'm going to get it!) We got a new picture album since the first one's all full. We spent way too much money. Eek. But we have soy ice cream. Even if you don't like soy, try Soy Delicious' chocolate peanut butter zigzag. MMMMMMM.

Then we watched Ever After (something fit for a queen! *thump*) and ate vegetables and salad dressing.

Then we took the dog for a walk.

Then we played badminton in the volleyball pit. (Well, technically it's called "SmashVolley.") The sand smelled like cat poop. I didn't see any, though. Then we went swimming and got all the dust off us. Even though it's not the warmest day, the pool was nice and warm and comfortable. We got out when Cory felt like barfing. It was really weird. He does that sometimes.

Now we're going to play with scanners and computers, probably. Once Cory's computer is all updated and fixed up, he hopefully won't be on it as much. I guess it's not so bad...

I have a hankering to start crocheting again. That means I have to go to freakin' Michaels and get C, D, and E hooks so I can make this skirt I've been meaning to make for a year. Someone needs to teach me how to make quilts (and give me lots of extra money so I can pay for all the materials). I suppose I could make that other skirt, if I can get to a fabric store sometime soon.

Trout's running around like a crazywoman. Dinah used to do that too, when she was alive - she'd be sitting there and then out of the blue she'd run around and pounce on things and generally freak out.

I need to buy a faster Mac, with OS9. (Joel?)
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