Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

At work, I either have nothing to do, or almost too much to do. It's rather annoying.

Tonight I will clean the house, and perhaps we will go out to dinner. We may also watch Cider House Rules. It depends on how Remmy's visit to the vet went.

We just changed Remmy's dog food, because our vet friend told us lamb is bad for dogs' hearts. We bought her a rawhide bone to chew on at the same time, and she's been eating it as fast as she can because she thinks the kitten will eat it if she doesn't. We found out that Remmers has been using Trout's litterbox as a lunch box. Cory's had to take her out to poop every few hours, and he noticed she's been licking her belly. I hope they don't have to cut her open or anything!

And tomorrow we drive by the Shogren house, and maybe the Jenkins Estate, and then visit with family! I like weekends. (This week has gone by really fast - I think it's because "I'm glowing" (as my boss Lisa says) since Monday night. I've been in rather a good mood since then!)
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