Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

How he proposed...

People keep asking me about this, and I haven't really told many people, so when I wrote an email to my cousin, I just copied and pasted it behind this LJ cut so you could all read about the proposal!

I was really upset that day, I think mostly for no reason (or reasons like I was tired or had PMS or something), and went to take a walk with Remmy because Cory didn't want to come. I took her to a little place back behind the apartment, and threw the ball for her so she could go to the bathroom before we went walking, and she ran out into the parking lot twice, which is REALLY bad, so I leashed her up and stomped upstairs and threw her in the house and went out to the cemetary next-door (I'm not morbid, I like cemetaries. They're peaceful!) to cry and pout and all that fun stuff. Cory saw me when I came in with the dog, so he ran after me and said "hey, let's go for a drive. Will that cheer you up?"

So we went for a drive along the Columbia River Gorge, and he said we weren't really going anywhere in particular, but said he had to pee when we got to Multnomah Falls, so we stopped there. When he was done, he said "can we at least go look at it since we're here?" so we went and stood at the base of it for a few minutes, and then went up onto the bridge for a little while, and it was getting dark. In the car, I'd thought maybe he would propose, but I'd been thinking/wishing that for awhile and we were at the falls for so long that I figured it wasn't going to happen. We sat on a low wall at the end of the bridge and watched people walking down from the top, and Cory kept complaining that people were too loud and he wanted peace and quiet. Some kids came down and said "we went to the top! It wasn't worth it!" and started asking us if we'd heard the story about someone dropping a penny off the top of the empire state building, where it killed a dog on the ground. (Urban legend, haha) When everybody finally left, we were talking about the first time we'd been there before we started dating, where we sat in the same spot, and how cold I was that first time because I was wearing a skirt. He said "the first time we were here, I remember thinking that I wanted to kiss you and hold you. Now I want to kiss and hold you forever. Will you marry me?" When he stood up, in the middle of his sentence (it all went so fast!) I said "oh, Cory!" because I knew what was happening. I cried a LOT and grabbed him and hugged him for a long time, until he finally asked if he could get up off his knee. :) I didn't even look at the ring until I was done hugging him and being overwhelmed, which he thought was funny. Then we came back down to the parking lot and drove home! It was dark, so I couldn't really see the ring, but I'd think about what'd just happened and start crying again. It was weird. I was like a faucet. :) Start crying, stop crying, start crying, stop crying.
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