Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Two down...

I'm jealous of all those brides who get their first choice in places to have their ceremony/reception. I finally talked to the Rhody lady yesterday and they want to charge me $1400 plus a $350 deposit. And that doesn't include chairs or tables or anything else. So that one's out now, too. I'm going to look at some state parks since I can't reserve a Portland park until the first Monday after New Year's. Grr. Luckily, we're shooting for almost a year from now, so I'm not THAT concerned. It'd just be nice to have a place reserved.

The news is distracting me. Must go turn it off.

Looking at gown patterns at the fabric store yesterday was also a chore. Nothing's quite what I want, exactly. It looks like I might end up wearing a white corset with a full skirt. Not that that wouldn't be pretty, it's just not like the ones I've been looking at on But that's to be expected. Maybe I'll look around online tonight and see if there are any mail-order patterns that I like better.

Oh, and yesterday I had to tell Phyllis that the wedding's going to be just family and very close family friends, so I wasn't sure if anybody from work could come. I think she was disappointed. Whatever.
Tags: wedding planning
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