Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I think I talk too much. I was OK about it until lately, and now I've been talking the ear off of whomever will listen to me. Weird.

I talked to two of my coworkers about what I should do with my life now that I'm single and stuff... They think I should stay here for a bit at least, and see if I can get into choir and theatre and dance and whatever I want, and then I'll meet people and do fun stuff and stop thinking about Mike.

I had a (tearful) conversation with Mom about the whole breaking-up thing. She thinks I need to tell him right out that I am not interested in any contact with him anymore. I think she thinks he was being the way he was on purpose, not wanting to be the "bad guy" in breaking up with me, but wililng to treat me really badly just so I'd leave him. I don't think that's it at all.

I didn't say anything about it yesterday, but the intersection right next to my apartment complex was all messed up last night. There were police everywhere. I just wanted to get to Burger King, and it took me like half an hour to go what would have taken me ten minutes, because of all the weird detours I had to take. I was really annoyed... and then today I found out that whomever was being closed in the ambulance when I drove by the first time DIED. On the scene. So I was, in effect, watching a dead person get loaded into the ambulance. How scary is that? Now I feel bad that I was so frustrated about it before.
Tags: breakup, mike, self-reflection
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