Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I can't stop stretching today. I wish I could go for a long walk after work, but I'd melt. Stupid summer. I can't wait for it to rain again. I'm going to dance in it and stomp in puddles.

Exercise, though, sounds good to me. I need to get rid of this belly before it's going in a wedding dress. (But most of the patterns I found are corsets with ball skirts, so there's almost no reason to get rid of the pooch.) At the same time, lunch sounds good to me, even though it's only 10am. Grr.

Cory's in Corvallis. It's probably hotter there. He has to drive back 2 hours in the hot. He's going to be a very sweaty boy when he gets back. Eww. I'm just praying that the house stays relatively cool.

Looked in the phone book and found almost a whole page of other ideas for places to wed. Asked a friend of Dad's about his wedding, which I didn't go to but saw pictures of and liked. If I can get a reservation around now for next year, I might do it at a state park. No clue which one, though. Gotta look around some more. I wanted it close to town, though. Oh well, gotta do what you gotta do, especially when you're poor. :)
Tags: wedding planning
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