Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Did some housekeeping. Got rid of friends' journals I don't really read anymore. I don't like having to skip over entries in my friends' page. Y'all are left, though, if you can read this.

Yesterday I had a chat with Phyllis, one of the ladies at the front desk. She's apparently upset that she's not invited to the wedding. I told her it's only family and very close personal/family friends. She seems to think she deserves to be there for some reason. She made a few snide comments to me, like "well, don't expect any presents if we can't even come to your wedding!" Jeez. I told her if some people couldn't show up, I'd put them next on the list. I don't know why she's so bitter. She probably just wants the cake. (Ooh, I'm rude.)
Tags: rants, wedding planning
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