Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

The day's going by pretty quickly. I finally got a chance to go up and see Nena (in the PR department) and she said she's going to try to push for me to get a cubicle next to hers, and to get me into their database so I can help them out more. That's exciting. Maybe they'll hire me and I'll get more money! Yay! But Lisa loves me (apparently) so I hope that doesn't make me feel bad if I decide to leave.

Bubble tea and deli sandwiches for lunch. It's sitting here on the desk and I'm trying not to look at it because I have to save some for my coworker to taste. It's difficult to keep from touching it. :)

Called the State parks people. The lady was very helpful. She gave me a nice list of parks that Cory and I will visit probably next weekend. Very cheap too - $35 for the first fifty people and $.80 a head thereafter. Yay! I hafta wait until October to reserve it, though. Or maybe November because we might have it in August instead, just in case it rains in June. I have to talk that over with Cory. I hate moving it around so much. Eh... at least it's happening. I feel lots better now that I've got a good lead.
Tags: columbia, wedding planning
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