Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

On Monday night, Cory stayed up late. I couldn't, because I had to get up on Tuesday morning.
On Tuesday night, Cory stayed up late. I couldn't, because I had to get up on Wednesday morning.

Etc, etc, etc.

Now I can stay up late. So what does he do? He falls asleep early. I'm not even that tired yet. So I'm going to sit here and type and hope I get tired soon. I hope Trout gets tired before me, because she's really being annoying, jumping up on the desk and trying to attack my pant legs and stuff. She got me again when I wasn't wearing pants at the computer and she tried to jump up on me. Ow.

I hear Cory breathing really heavy in there. Oh, and now he's snoring. I'm almost glad I'm not trying to sleep. :)

This week went by really fast. I'm excited to "move in" to my new cube on Monday. I hope I can keep it! Maybe I should take a picture of Cory and I and put it in there and make Lisa think I need a cube to put pictures in. It sounds really funny that I'm all excited to be in a cube, but after having worked in a place where everybody in the entire company (all 400 in that building) has a cube but me since I got there in October, it's nice to finally feel like I belong there.
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