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Wedding dress shopping was disappointing in a way. When we got to 23rd and had had lunch at Ram's Head, we went to the bridal shop and were told that we needed an appointment to try on dresses. Then I realized I hadn't brought the phone book so we didn't know where any other places were. Tearing a page out of the pay phone book didn't work - someone had already torn out the page I wanted - so I called Cory, who read me off a list of them.

The first one we couldn't find at all. The second one was found, but it had been closed down. We finally found one, and I went in and tried on two dresses. Noone had ever told me what you're supposed to do, so I had to learn from the saleslady. The first dress I tried was strapless with a poofy skirt. Really plain - piping around the waist and a stripe of beads at the neckline and the hem. It had a detachable train, which was nice. It felt really good - I loved having the full skirt. (I've always been a sucker for full skirts - I'm such a girlie girl. I used to dream about living in the Victorian era.) Nicoal and Brooke didn't like it all that much. The second one I tried was very different - an A-line with an empire waist, a split front chiffon overlay, and long chiffon "sleeves" which hung from my shoulders. It had a really pretty train, too. The girls liked that one much better.

Then we went across the street to "Tres Fabu" (gag me) and looked around. They were really busy, so even though I found another dress similar to the second one I'd tried on, I ended up not trying it on there. Plus, it was hot and I was tired. So we drove back home.

Bubble tea was introduced to the girls. One liked it (Brooke), one didn't (Nicoal). I tried their papaya and liked it a lot. And yes, they do have avocado. And sweet bean, I guess. And lychee. I want to try them all but I'm afraid to. Someone more adventurous needs to come with me.

Tomorrow we go to Mike's to help him stain his deck. It's only supposed to be 79, luckily. I'd have hated to do it today.

Cory's been working all day. I hope he doesn't have much more to do. It makes me sad.
Tags: wedding planning
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