Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Yesterday Kay and Jacque and Charity and I went to Wayzata and walked around for a few hours. Then I had to drop Kay off at Simonson's to get her nails done. Charity fell asleep in the car, so I took her home and put her in her bed and told Paul to watch her. Then after Kay was done, the three of us went back out, this time to a really nice antique store in Rogers that I have to take Mom to if she ever visits us. Then we went back to their house, got Charity, and went to Big Bowl for dinner. Then we had to drop Jacque off at the movie theater. Then I took the other two home and then came home myself. It was a long day, and it was VERY HOT. Tomorrow, they want to walk around downtown or somewhere. I wanted to have people to do stuff with... I shouldn't complain.

Sally is coming next week! I am going to hog her. We're not really that close, but at least she's someone who likes going out and meeting people. I figure I'll let her do all the dirty work, and then I'll take the friends she finds for us and keep them once she goes back home. Sounds like a good plan, I think. I have several days off next week, and it'll work out perfectly. Maybe I'll meet guys. That would be nice.

I was thinking last night about how I think I'm over him, but even thinking about him falling in love with some other girl, who isn't nearly as perfect as I am, and totally changing his attitude. I guess I should be happy if he is happy, because that's what love is supposed to be, and I AM happy, I just would rather he was happy with me. Then I tell myself that I am so much better off without him dragging me down (because that's what he was doing) and I shouldn't care anymore. I was just kind of attached to him, that's all. Like when a friend dies. Or something.

I think I'll go buy some capris so I can walk around outside without dying tomorrow. Shorts are a no-no, with my skin as white as it is. I can get away with capris. Ridgedale Mall and Old Navy (and maybe a Petco along the way because I want a dove), here I come!
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