Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I sent Mike an email this afternoon before work, asking him for Shar's email address. I haven't gotten a response yet. Oh well, it's OK. He still thinks I'm trying to control him, I'm sure of it. Grr. Oh well, he can think whatever he wants. I just want Shar's email address.

Today I went on a shopping spree. It was fun. I've never owned a tube top before, and now I have TWO! I went all out. It was enjoyable. I'm wearing one of the halter tops I bought, and it's kind of scratchy. It's just cotton, I don't know why it's scratchy. Probably just because it's new and stiff still.

Tomorrow Kay and Jacque and possibly Paul and I are going to St. Paul for the morning. I'm a bit excited about that, just because I have something to do now instead of sitting in front of the computer, but I sure wish they weren't related to Mike. I'M TIRED OF THINKING ABOUT MIKE! MAKE IT STOP!
Tags: mike
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