Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

A conversation I just had:

Jan: I heard you're getting married.
Me: I am!
Jan: How old are you?!
Me: 22...
Jan: You are?! When I heard, I thought "she's just a baby!"
Me: (polite smile)
Jan: So when is it?
Me: Next summer.
Jan: It's a gorgeous ring.
Me: Thanks! He did a good job!
Jan: So he was the guy you were hanging on yesterday, huh?
Me: That was him!

The guy I was hanging on. Hahaha

The girl in the cafeteria this morning asked if the guy I was with yesterday was Cory. She said "you guys are so cute together!" I read somewhere that people think you're a cuter couple if you're holding hands in public. I wonder why that is...
Tags: columbia, cory
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