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A fun time was had by all. This weekend, anyway. Late on Saturday night (I'd already been asleep for two hours), Joel arrived and had a beer with Cory. On Sunday morning, we got up early and drove up to Wapato, stopping at Multnomah Falls and Sam Hill's Stonehenge to take some pictures. I got hugged by people I didn't know. I ate some food and played with kids and dogs and was proud that Remmy got so much attention (oh, look at her roll over! Isn't she darling!), even from the guy who works at the park that says "keep your dogs on leash!" I like to try and make Remmy do tricks if I think a park guy is watching, just so he knows that she's not going to run off and attack things.

Then we went to Tim & Stacy's to pick a few early apples and late peaches and get a huge zuchinni. Now I need to buy a bread pan so I can make zuchinni bread. Then we drove back home in the muggy muggy hotness that is central Washington. I love driving west on 84 - the closer to Portland you get, the cloudier it becomes. We stopped in a few places in Yakima, too, to look for a keyboard (the kind that makes music). The only ones I can find are expensive. But I guess I'll have to do that. I got my choir music on Saturday and learning (and memorizing by Wednesday - yuck) would be so much easier with a keyboard in front of me.

Last night I was dreading today. I couldn't figure out why. But I haven't even been here for an hour and it's already bad. Nan and Donnita and Lisa and an HR lady and I all have to meet sometime today. I'm NOT looking forward to it. But I'm making sure I jot down things that Nan's done (because it's about Nan, I'm sure) just in case they ask for specifics. That one about how she ignored Cory when he came to visit me and said hello to her should be a good one. :)

I've had cold sores all weekend. Cold sores are not fun. I've been putting medicine on them all weekend and they look much better today but they're still there and I can feel them and they're yucky. I haven't kissed Cory since Friday morning. It's hard to not kiss your fiance. But I don't want him to get this.

I hope today gets better. I hope it goes by really fast.
Tags: columbia, health, trips
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