Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

We had our meeting. It was annoying, I guess. I don't really know what to call it. I sat between Donnita and Nan, so I had to be argued over (as in, Nan and Donnita were arguing together and I was between them). My only contribution was that I wanted to be able to go into the mailroom and not feel the tension. Nan's big beef this time was that she doesn't want us to ask her personal questions further than "how are you." This is stupid because a) we don't ask, really, and when we do it's because we care about it, and b) she volunteers all this information when she rants and raves and complains about her personal life. Donnita thinks she's just digging herself a hole. She was put in her place by Lisa and Debbie so she went to HR. We also talked about how if we need help, we need to ask (another one for Nan - she never asks, she just assumes we'll help and gets mad when we don't). We'll see if that happens.

So anyway, after the meeting was over, Nan asked me if I'd go into the mailroom so she could show me a new thing they're doing with the mail machine, and she went over a few things with me and was extra sweet to me. Donnita and I laughed about it later. At first, I thought "well, it's not heartfelt!" but then realized that at least she's not doing what's in her heart, which is to try to make me miserable.

Thus another band-aid is applied to the festering wound that is the mailroom drama. Thank goodness I'm never down there anymore.
Tags: columbia
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