Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I'm so glad Monday went by quickly. When I got home, I had to call people to figure out reunion information. I was on the phone for too long. Then Cory and I went to Circuit City to buy a keyboard. We'd looked at their website and found one for only $80. When we got there, the only one out was the floor model, and the employee guys said that was it. So we dragged ourselves back to Radio Shack and got a $100 keyboard. (Well, it was half off...) Then we goofed around on it at home and I tried to start looking into what the songs I have to sing on Wednesday were like. One particularly weird one, of course, was one that I have to memorize by Wednesday. I hope I can do it. I'm starting to get nervous. I'm afraid that I'll be the most underqualified person in that choir and I'll feel like an idiot. Of course, maybe I'm going to be the most prepared person and nobody else will have memorized anything. You never know.

I thought today was Wednesday until I went into the cafeteria and found that there were no waffles. Ouch.
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