Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Note to self: don't talk on the phone while cooking.

Tonight I made applesauce and noodles. I called Brooke while the noodles were cooking. When we were done talking, I tried one and it was mushy. I put spices on them anyway, since Cory said he wasn't picky, but I had to spit out my mouthful because it was so disgusting. Don't ever overcook noodles.

Then I was making my second batch of applesauce (I'm taking it to the reunion this weekend) and Mom called, so I was talking to her in the bedroom when I started smelling burnt apples. I had to run in and turn on fans and open windows and get the apples off the stove. I couldn't save the apples... or the pan. It's all black and gross, and an SOS pad didn't help at all. :( Oh well. It was all warped anyway.

So I have enough apples left to make another batch, which I will do Thursday. Tomorrow night is my first rehearsal with this new choir. I'm nervous because two of the songs are supposed to be memorized by tomorrow night and there's no way in hell I'm going to be able to do that. They're "contemporary" or "modern" songs, and they're all REALLY WEIRD. I can just see everybody else there having everything memorized, and me sitting there embarrassed that I don't know anything and Joan kicking me out. Then again, I can also see everybody 55111qqqqqqqqqqqqqq999999995rrr

That was Trout walking across the keyboard. Ha, she just burped.

Anyway, then again I can also see everybody else not knowing what the hell is going on and everybody lelpo[]=auu777777777778 there we go again. Everybody learning the music together. Jeez, I'd better wrap this up or I won't be able to read it anymore.

Time to go learn more music. Icky poo. I wish they had melodies.
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