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What a silly, weepy girl I can be. Last night I went home half an hour early so I could get more practice time in before going to choir. When I got home and checked Trimet's web page, I realized I was going to have an hour to practice AND find a black binder AND feed Cory and myself AND get myself down the street to the bus stop, and I started crying. Cory saved me - even though he had so much to do last night, he went to Office Depot and bought a black binder for me and then stopped at Burger King and brought me dinner (with a frozen lemonade... I love that he knows what I like) so I could practice while he was gone. I was still REALLY nervous, though. Then Cory drove me to the church in NE that we were having the rehearsal at, and I felt much better. I blend really well with the other sopranos, and have (mostly) good confidence in hitting the high notes. I didn't have to have those two pieces memorized - we just went through all the pieces so we could see what they sounded like. They're lots better than I thought. Much more lyrical. Cory stayed the whole time, and got his creative juices flowing out on the porch. He stayed up a few hours after we got home to start the designs he'd thought of. I don't know what I would have done without him last night. It really hit me that he loves me and would do anything for me (even though I knew it before), and it felt really really good.

Today: more work, and then applesauce when I get home. And an early bedtime.