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This morning I had to work at 6:30 and Michelle (the assistant manager) told me I had to make the sandwiches. Surprise! It was annoying. But then a bit later she came up to me and told me she was going to talk to the GM about giving me two raises at the same time. That'd be nice, so I can save up some money.

I'm seriously thinking about moving back to Oregon. I didn't want to for awhile there, but I talked to Mom last night and thought a lot, and realized I have more there than I do here. I have a support system, friends, a cheaper apartment (they're all cheaper back there), the possibility of living alone (yay!), the possibility of having a kitty (YAY!!!), and lots of other stuff. The support system alone (family, etc) is enough to make me want to be back. There's nothing for me here. Just a lot of memories and no closure. Sigh.