Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I'm not even all that busy but I still have no time to write.

Yesterday I was up at the front desk. It was boring, but what else is new. Nena emailed me on Friday, saying the PR department only has enough money to use half of my time, so she wants to work out a deal with Lisa. Yeah, right. Like my time can be sliced and prioritized like that. I'll let Lisa deal with it though.

Then last night, Julie (from the front desk) and I drove through the backup at 205 south (there was an accident on the West Linn/Oregon City bridge and people were backed up 11 MILES) to McIver Park to do some measurements of the site.

I like getting up before the sun does in the morning (though Cory will say I don't...)! I like eating microwave popcorn for breakfast! (Don't tell anybody though!)
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