Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

So, I had an eventful weekend.

On Friday night, Cory went on a date to Red Robin and My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Brazen Bean, where I had a blood orange mimosa. Yum. I had a really good time. I like going on dates with Cory.

On Saturday morning, I headed down to Salem. Grandma, Tia, Mom, Stacy and I went to a million different places and ended up finding lots of stuff. So we got:
Medium grey fabric for the bridesmaids' skirts
White peau de soie and chiffon for my dress
4 more clear glass pitchers for the tables (that makes 8 in total - Mom has 4 at her house)
10 topiary containers (silver, squareish, with little feet) for the tables
White fabric to cover the tables
Men's handkerchiefs to cover the pitchers (that ended up being too big)
Beads to put on the corners of the handkerchiefs (that we strung that night and hung on a styrofoam plate until I get smaller kerchiefs to sew them onto)
And we looked at a bunch of different craft stores and a party store for favors and things like that. Got lots of good ideas. We had a Chinese buffet that was kinda gross but the soft serve was good. I got really tired walking around all day! The fabric all put together was only about $100, which was really good. Oh yeah, and I tried on about 8 dresses at a bridal shop. It was REALLY fun. Grandma kept making the lady put a veil on me and then she'd cry. :)

Then last night we made the bead things for the hankies and watched Trading Spaces and Stac and I got into laughing fits until we cried, over nothing that was funny.

In the morning, we went to the flea market in Rickreall. I didn't enjoy it much, but the cheeseburger I had there was good. We looked for smaller hankies there but they're apparently getting more popular as collecter's items so they were all about $3. Sheesh. Then we went to the Woodburn Factory Outlets and got camisoles at Banana Republic for the bridesmaids, and then went a very roundabout way to McIver park so everyone could see what the picnic shelter looked like. Everybody had different ideas and most of them differed from mine. :) That's OK though.

I'm ready to go to bed. Maybe it's because it's dark and it's only 7:30. I'll comprimise and fold clothes instead. Woo.
Tags: wedding planning
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