Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I'm sick. My head is all stuffed up and my throat is threatening to start getting scratchy to make me cough.

Tonight's performance wasn't nearly as good as last night's. An audience can make or break a performance, and this was a textbook example. I thought we did really really well last night, and part of it was because the audience laughed and was generally eager to get into the program. Tonight people just clapped, and didn't really care. And I think our music suffered because of it. I had an unintentional solo at the beginning of the last song when all the sopranos are singing pianissimo on a high F and dropping down to a high C... I kept singing the F for some reason. Ha.

I went right home afterwards, and as my generic Sudafed wore off my head got really stuffy again. I hate having a stuffy nose - my mouth gets all dry at night when I'm trying to sleep. Ucky.

Trout spit a huge chunk of something (I thought it was a leaf or a twig) out of her mouth earlier, and I went to get it and realized it was a partly-chewed dragonfly. It was a good-sized one too - at least, before it got eaten by the cat. She keeps knocking down the hoya, too. I need to take the hook off of it - it's never going to be a hanging plant, and I think that's what she grabs onto to knock it off the windowsill.

Sleepytime now, and in the morning I'll see if I can get anything done before I work Ken's shift, noon to eight. Ugh. So I'll be coming home for dinner instead of lunch. It's only three days, though, and on Friday we're going to Canada. Woo!
Tags: choir
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