Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I took Remmy to the vet all by myself this evening! Cory's always with me, but he was busy today. We had to get her a quick physical so we could take that info up to Canada when we go (it's on the way back that we'll need it, apparently). I had them express her (very full) anal glands. The vet and I talked about removing the glands, since Cory and I don't want to keep getting her expressed, but the vet warned that sometimes surgeons inadvertently slice into nerves in the muscles of the sphincter, so we probably won't go that route.

Today is our anniversary. I looked back the other day and read an entry I wrote about Cory that said "he's not that attractive" and "I'm not falling for him." How much things change, huh?

Remmy stinks.
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