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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the Canadiest of them all?

OK, here we go "up nort, eh."

It was later than we'd wanted because Cory accidentally set his clock ahead two hours instead of his alarm. :) But we got out of here by 6:30, ran to Starbucks, and got going. We stopped at a rest area to let Remmy do her thing, and in Seattle to grab some brunch (EVERYTHING was closed except for McDonald's. Jeez). And then we were off to CANADA! Woo.

So anyway, we went through the border with no incident (the police lady asked where we were going and where we were from and what we did for a living and all that fun stuff) and it took awhile to adjust to the metric system and the crazy Canadian drivers. I swear. They're hardcore.

We had found a hotel in the morning before we left (having to find petfriendly hotels is kinda hard sometimes) so we went straight there - the Best Western Tsawwassen Inn - and dropped off some things and tested the bed (NO we didn't test it THAT way - we just layed on it and watched TV. I swear!). Then we were off again. (By this time it was only 3pm, if that.) On the way in, though, we got a little bag full of treats and things for Remmy. It was cool. It's so funny - I'm almost more excited for Remmy to get cool stuff than for me to get cool stuff.

One of the brochures we had for Vancouver had a map that was the most completely shitty map I've ever seen. But we found our way around with it anyway. We went downtown through a really pretty street, stopping at another park for Remmy, and walked around Gastown (OK, Poohkenstein, you were right about the eeeeeeepp parts!) and around "normal" "posh" downtown a bit. We had good bento at some shop and when it started to get dark (around 5:30) we tried getting back home, forgetting that it was Friday, and rush hour. Ugh. It took us about four times as long to get back to the hotel as it took to get downtown. We stopped at a Safeway and got some snacks since it was 8 and we'd eaten at 3 or so and we were hungry again, and we watched cop shows for awhile. (The French channel got old really quickly.) The bed was mega comfortable, and I slept like a rock.

The next morning we got up early again, checked out of the hotel, ran to Starbucks again, and drove up Grouse Mountain through downtown Vancouver, trying to avoid morning rush hour. Halfway there, we realized it was Saturday. Silly us. We got to Stanley Park and decided to let Remmy have some fun since she'd been in the car all day the day before and would be in the car all day again. It's a really really pretty park. Too bad you have to pay two bucks to park for an hour. We paid even though we were only there for twenty minutes. Then we followed vague brochure directions to the Capilano Suspension Bridge a half hour early and were among the first four people to get onto the bridge. A nice change from the fifty million people who were on the bridge when I went in high school with choir. Then we kept going up to Grouse Mountain to ride the skytrain. EXPENSIVE! but fun. Lots of joggers rode down who, I think, ran up to the top. They fogged up the windows, which was OK because the mountain was covered in a cloud.

On the way back down, after getting McDonalds (again! There are NO good, fast restaurants up there - at least where we were when we decided we wanted food) we discussed what we wanted to do for the rest of the weekend. Cory wanted a KAVU hat with a logo on it, and he also wanted a coffee travel mug, so we decided to stop in Seattle on our way back down to Portland, since it was still early in the day and we were pretty much done in Vancouver. (We'd looked around for travel mugs downtown, but none of the coffee shops had any for sale except like Starbucks and Cory didn't like any of theirs.) So we drove back south, through customs again (this time we had to show the guy our birth certificates too, but we never had to use the $40 proof of Remmy's health, which was annoying, to say the least.

We stopped in Seattle again and drove around the Fremont area, looking for REI and Red Hook Brewery, which Cory's been to four times and it's been closed three of those times. We were sure it'd be open on a Saturday afternoon, but when we got there, the sign on the door said they'd moved closer to Redmond, WA. Luckily, REI was still there. We were surprised at how good we were at finding it, since we didn't really know where it was. We walked around a bit and looked at KAVU hats, but there weren't really any that Cory liked enough to buy (he thinks a naked KAVU hat is ugly - he wants a logo on the front of it) so we went on a search for travel mugs. Tully's had just what we were looking for, so now we have matching Tully's mugs. We'll see if anybody around here recognizes them.

So then we rented movies, grabbed some KFC that Cory had been craving, and came home. Ah, sleep is nice. So are KFC biscuits.

And now we're here, with 4 shots left on our camera, a house that needs cleaning, and a few pumpkins that ought to be carved. Oh, and the cat who jumped up on me and drew blood on my leg again. Owie.

I know I'm forgetting something. Oh well.
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